Auto CAD

Auto CAD ( Mech & Civil )

  1. Introduction to Auto CAD
  2. Initial settings commands
  3. Draw and Modify commands for creating 2D entity
  4. Dimensioning, Text and Plot Commands
  5. Isometric and 3D Drawings

Course Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to Auto CAD

  • AutoCAD user interface
  • Workspaces in AutoCAD
  • Introduction to various toolbar in Auto CAD
  • System requirements for Auto CAD

Chapter 2: Initial settings commands

  • Settings for Units, Limits, New file, Save file & Open file
  • Status toolbar
  • Navigation Bar

Chapter 3: Draw and Modify commands for creating 2D entity

  • Drawing commands
  • Modify commands
  • Edit commands
  • Drawing 2D Entity

Chapter 4: Dimensioning and Plot Commands

  • Apply Dimension commands 
  • Dimension styles
  • Introduction to tolerance symbol and how to insert in drawing
  • Plot command for printing drawing on sheet 

Chapter 5: Isometric and 3D Drawings

  • Isometric snap setting
  • Drawing examples of isometric drawing
  • 3D drawing commands (boxes, cylinders, wedges, cones, pyramids, spheres, and torus)
  • Create extruded, revolved, swept, lofted, and press-pulled objects
  • Perform Boolean operations
  • Drawing examples of 3D drawing