CREO 3.0 Parametric

Course Topic CREO Parametric:

Introduction to CREO
Solid Modeling (3D)
Surface Modeling
Assembly Design

Course Contents

Sketcher 2D

  • Creating sketchs using sketch tools
  • Modifying using trimming, move, and resize tools
  • Sketch references sketch constraints and dimensions, sketch diagnosis

Solid modeling and Surface (Part mode)

  • Solid modeling overview, base features like extrude, revolve, sweep, blend
  • Datum references like plane, axis, point, coordinate system and datum curves
  • Engineering features like hole, shell, ribs, pattern, round and chamfer
  • Editing feature like trim, extend, merge, intersect, extend, offset, project, thicken, solidify
  • Boundary blend, toroidal bend and fill surface

Assembly Design

  • Creation of top to bottom and bottom up assembly
  • Creation of exploded view
  • Model display tool and orientation
  • Moving components, repeat component


  • Sheet layout and generation of drawing views
  • Dimensioning the drawing view, annotation
  • Generation of BOM and balloons for assembly

Introduction to Geometric dimensioning and Tolerances

  • Surface finish symbols
  • Geometric tolerances